Gleanings – Miracle in Route to Miracle

Proper 10, Thursday, July 26, 2013

Mark 5:21-43

“And a great crowd followed him and thronged about him.”

Duh! No surprise. He performs one miracle while in route to another. Is it any wonder masses thronged about him?

While in route to bring Jairus’ daughter back to life, power flows from Jesus and heals a women who has been hemorrhaging for 12 years. Not so consumed with one that he cannot do the other. Not so drained by one person’s need that he can’t meet the needs of another along the way.

Here is the thing. We think of these miracles as tales from the past rather possibilities in the present. Consequently, we leave healing and blessings on the table.

I’ve witnessed healings. I have been healed myself. I once had a hernia visible to the human eye. Some women, who were at times filled with the Holy Spirit, laid hands upon me and prayed for me. Hernia gone! My doc agreed. That was ten years ago. It is no guarantee of the future but a powerful reminder that God heals to this day.

No wonder people thronged about him and still do. Don’t leave miracles on the table.

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