Mission Abroad Subsides. Mission Here Resumes.

Just home I am from two weeks in Rwanda. That followed a week in Mexico with Madison. The stack of mail is high. The height of the grass is too. I am considerably behind in marathon training. A few days will be devoted to tackling the immediate and reconnecting with my family. They are the true missionaries as they pay a considerable price to allow me to answer God’s call to serve. Dow has told me hundred times he “miss-ed” me while I was in Rwanda. Talk about melting your heart. I asked Dow if he knew what I was doing while I was away. In a matter of fact manner he said, “You were telling people about Jesus,” as if they would be obvious to anyone. Dow turns four Monday. Family begins to gather today. He will have, I pray, my undivided attention.

Much is swirling through my mind. Look for some summary next week my time abroad. The common theme is power, specifically the power of God and His Word proclaimed.  It was so evident and so far-reaching there. Is it lacking here? Or perhaps I am overlooking it? Regardless, I want to see it. I am beseeching God to manifest the same power in church planting, in Lynwood Park, in Brookhaven and in this metropolis of Atlanta He has asked us to call home.

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