The Rwandan Adventure Begins – Day 1

The Rwanda Adventure Begins – Day One

This trip begins full of promise. First, I will be renewing and strengthening friendships in the Lord. This is my spiritual home. That began years ago when in Ruhengeri (now Musanze) and the Shyira Diocese Bishop John Rucyahana introduced me as his son and proclaimed I was Rwandese. Since that time, I have made many new brothers, three of whom have become bishops here. They are Augustin Ahimana, Nathan Amooti and Nathan Rusengo.  All were a part of our first trip here in 2004 when Kristen and I were blessed to be a part of a crusade team marking the 10th anniversary of the end of the genocide.

I am blessed to be hosted this trip by my newest brother, Bishop Laurent Mbanda, who is Bishop John’s successor. I met Bishop Mbanda when I was here in December 2009 to share in the marriage of one of my favorite parishioners, Hope Rucyahana.

Bishop Mbanda has an ambitious schedule for us. I will preach at both services tomorrow morning in the Shyira Cathedral. Monday through Wednesday I will lead a pastors’ conference. Thursday through Sunday I will be a part of crusade team in one of Bishop Mbanda’s many parishes. I will begin the journey home on Monday the 6th.

My first impression is that the country is bustling. Recession and foreboding do not seem to have been visited upon Rwanda. My second impression is that I am both amazed and humbled by the overwhelming warmth and hospitality of Bishop Mbanda. This is a man who has paid great cost in a variety of forms to serve the Shyira Diocese and the broader Anglican world. And there is not of hint of pretense in him.

Thanking the Lord in advance for all He plans to do here. Join me in prayers.

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