Gleanings – Long Live the Nonconforming Greek!

Galatians 1:18-2:10

“But even Titus, who was with me, was not compelled to be circumcised, though he was a Greek.”

Apparently Greeks have never been conformists. Presently this road less traveled may mean the end of the European Union if not Europe itself. But in the case of Titus the Greek, long live the unwillingness to surrender a freedom, which has its origin in God, to mere men. Titus’ non-conformity secures a future rather than destabilizing one.

Paul recognized the enemy of grace is law, not morality or Christian character but law. The redeemed in Jesus need not be circumcised. Jesus saves. We don’t. Nor does the church.  The church invites. It does not compel.

Word to the church – abandon law lite. Grace, growth, group, gifts, and good stewardship otherwise known as the 5 G’s – all of these are fine things and to be commended.  However, to say they are required of “members” is to kill grace in favor of law. To say we must read, pray and journal is to kill grace in favor of law. To say we must fast and go to confession is to kill grace in favor of law.  However good these things may be for us, they are not required and the church should never seek to impose them upon the people of God.

Law lite (as opposed to plain old fire breathing guilt producing law) is the new and other gospel that Paul so loathes. It leads to tyranny, bondage and finally death. And it leads to these things in every age. And that is no future.

When the government assaults religious liberty, I become a catholic. Long live Archbishop Timothy Dalton! When the church assaults freedom, I become a Greek. Long live Titus!

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