Gleanings – Addressing What Ails Us

Mark 1:29-45

“Let us go on to the next towns, that I may preach there also; for that is why I came out.”

Jesus is keeping the main thing the main thing. He is healing the sick and delivering the possessed. Consequently, crowds are pressing in upon Him. He takes a time out for prayer, communion with His father. When He reemerges from His solitude, He restates His purpose, preaching. “For that is why I came out.” Preaching is the main thing.

In life, many get sick. The diseases are varied and widespread. But the condition is not universal. In life, some are possessed, having yielded to temptation so often the Tempter is in charge. Possession is limited but real. Still, the condition is not universal.

Healing and deliverance do not address a universal condition. Preaching does. The call to repentance and belief addresses an affliction none of us can avoid. What is it? Sin and the ensuing alienation from God!

In this season of Lent, a time of self-examination and reflection, let us keep the main thing the main thing. If we have trouble seeing it, our sin that is, let us put two questions before us. Have we loved God with all of who we are and have we loved our neighbors as ourselves? I for one cannot say yes to both of those on any given day. Honestly, rarely can I with a pure conscience say yes to even one.

Thank you Jesus for keeping the main thing the main thing and addressing what ails us all.

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