Gleanings – When There is No Other Explanation

John 10:31-42

“And many believed in him there.”

Jesus has now retreated across the Jordan where he will remain until Palm Sunday. Many believed there. The belief was inspired by a combination of things, the works/signs/wonders he had performed along with the testimony of John the Baptist. The Baptist performed no miracles but what he had prophesied about the one who would come after him, the one whose sandal the Baptist was not worthy to untie, had come to pass. John’s predictions were spot on.

Contrast that with the response of the Jews. Just before he retreated across the Jordan Jesus had implored the Jews to consider his works. If his works were the works of God his Father then they should believe. Get beyond your hyper-rationalism that talks you out of faith. Forget what I say. Watch what I do. Judge based on that.

The same test if given to us in this day. Amidst all the competing claims about God, his works deserve our attention. They indeed confirm the testimony of the Apostles who have bequeathed our faith to us.

Where is Jesus at work? Everywhere and all the time of course! But let’s look for a moment at the country of Rwanda. In 1994 the country suffered one of the greatest atrocities of all time. A million people were slaughtered in 100 days. Hutus sought systematically to eliminate Tutsi existence. Extermination was the goal. Machetes were the tool of choice.

Today, however, perpetrators and victims of the genocide labor and live side by side. Why? Because the Gospel has been preached! People have come to faith. Some have found their need of forgiveness and repented. Some have been so blessed by grace they have found the ability to forgive. When one encounters such transformation they conclude (rightly) it is not humanly possible so it must be an act of God. As intended from beginning, the Gospel has the ability to reconcile men and women to God and to each other and in Rwanda we have living proof. See it. “And many believed in him there.”

Note: For a short 8 minute introduction to the reconciliation taking place in Rwanda go here: For a fuller airing of the work of God and to view a trailer for an award winning documentary go here: And for those who have witnessed what only God can do, do not neglect to give testimony by commenting here.

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