Gleanings – Maintaining My Stuff

1 John 2:12-17

“Do not love the world or the things in the world . . . the world passes away and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides for ever.”

Have you ever pondered the time and energy consumed in maintaining the things we possess, “the things in the world.” Let’s set aside the big item, our home. It makes sense that we maintain that which shelters us from the elements and from would be bad guys. But what about all the other possessions?

I had a pair of golf shoes sitting beside my clubs in the garage. The golf bag mildewed. And the shoes dry rotted. Obviously I don’t play much golf. I did not know of the deterioration until I joined a fraternity golf outing and watched them come apart as I finished 18 holes. I literally tossed them into the trash can as I approached the clubhouse. I walked sock-footed to my car. I did not maintain those things and consequently I had to replace them. Now I take great care with the new things to make sure they are in a climate controlled environment. Ugh!

My library is massive. The weight of the books alone cost me every time I move. I need to buy or build new bookshelves at the moment to even access them. And not a one of them contains something I cannot find on-line. I am sure one day I will get a Kindle (sadly vanity related to appearing to be a relic will probably win out) but there is something about the feel of a book. Anyone agree?

Everything I own must be maintained. Everything I own is insured. And most of our electronics have had some form of extended

The Destiny of Things

warranty. And it is all for naught. Can’t take any of it with me! Ever seen a U-Haul attached to a hearse? None of my possessions have eternal value. I read once the story of man who wanted to impress this reality upon his daughter so he took his daughter to a landfill and said to her “everything we own will end up here one day.” Sad. But true.

Now compare the time and energy necessary to maintain our possessions with the time we spend to maintain that which abides, that which is eternal. God is not anti-possession but He is concerned that we not waste our life maintaining the fleeting but rather invest in things that abide.

Reflect on yesterday and yesterday alone. As a percentage of the day what attention did you give to the relationship that keeps you from ending up like everything else in life, that is keeps you from ending up atop a landfill? “He who does the will of God abides for ever.”


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  • Mary Elizabeth Says:

    This is seriously maybe one of my favorite posts. (obviously besides any post where you reference either your cutie children or my wedding 🙂 ) What a good point though…something that we as Christians are aware of for the most part, but something that in practice is SO hard. Do I want to have a larger maternity wardrobe? yes. Do I need to be saving for the actual baby instead so that we can provide it with the things it needs to survive and flourish? yes. Even bigger, do I need to be worried about much else than passing on the love of God to said baby when it comes down to it? No.

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