Gleanings (12/29/11) – git ‘er dun

John 2:1-11

“Do whatever he tells you.”

The miracle at Cana is full of wonder. It has perfect timing. The wine was just about to give out. Quite a supply was made, as much 120 to 180 gallons. With that you could start a catering business. And it was not ordinary wine. The best was served last.

Much time is spent trying to figure out the meaning of all the details. The passage has been subjected to extraordinary scrutiny. Why would Jesus be so curt with his mother? Wouldn’t so much wine inspire excess?  So much so have we ponder the details that the great reformer Martin Luther once said in regard to this passage, we often study the sign but never follow the road.

It seems on the face of it, we should do as Jesus says for, at least mother knows, he has the power to overcome this social debacle. This sign “manifested his glory.” It is fairly obvious that we should be on notice that the best things (Jesus) have been withheld until now. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the good wine being served now tops that which came before it. All else is part of a vehicle (a very real miracle) to communicate these profound truths. Dwelling on them should not prevent us from doing as he says.

Are we doing as he says? Loving God? Loving neighbor? Forgiving an infinite number of times? Doing unto the least of them? Following the narrow way? Or are we presenting a thousand insignificant questions to delay our getting on with it.

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