Gleanings from the Daily Lectionary (11/14/11) – Jesus Supreme

Matthew 17:1-13

The story of the transfiguration, like several others, is profound in its simplicity. Moses, standard bearer of the Law, and Elijah, standard bearer of the Prophets, bear witness to the supremacy of Jesus. Thus far in His life and ministry Jesus is perceived as one among many greats. Indeed the greatest stand with Him. But in the moment His Father and our Maker affirms Him, the other greats disappear. He takes center stage. All lights are trained upon Him that our eyes may follow. Secondarily, the story is rightly read as a call to not rest upon the mountain top too long and an exhortation to re-engage the world. However, it is first about the supremacy of Jesus. Any expression of Christianity that does not make Him central is an expression of something else.

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