Gleanings – Woe to We Chaplains of Culture!

Advent 1, December 7, 2012

Luke 20:41 – 21:4

“They will receive the greater condemnation.”

Who will receive the greater condemnation? The Chaplains of Culture! These are the religious who are motivated by self-glory and the honor of men. They like to be recognized and treated well. They put out a façade. They want to look and sound good. It is about them and the rewards. They will give the invocation at the bowl game and yes accept that sideline pass or box seats for the game.

Of course love of people to the extent that the love emanates from and well emulates the love of God is noteworthy. Men bearing first and promoting second such love among others rightly receive a hat tip from those in the streets. But how many speakers of truth are chaplains of culture? In the Bible speakers of truth are called prophets. They are summarily dismissed, an embarrassment to the cultured. They are stoned and sometimes killed. They are not chaplains of culture. They don’t get tickets to the game.

Truth isn’t spoken to pick a fight. Prophets are not contrarians. They speak truth because truth matters. It is what they know will set themselves and others free. Here is the rub. Their proclamation supposes bondage. That word is not gladly received by culture. Free people aren’t fist pumping its purveyors.

It seems well impossible to be a speaker of truth and a chaplain of culture. Woe to the pastor or church leader who forgets this. He receives the greater . . .

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