Gleanings – The True Meaning of “All In!”

Advent 1, December 5, 2012

Luke 20:19-26

“but he perceived their craftiness, . . “

“but marveling at his answer they were silent.”

So who is crafty or craftier? Jesus to be sure! They seek to trick him into saying something that would put him at odds with secular authorities. Don’t buck Caesar. Otherwise be prepared for his wrath. That was the threat implicit in their question.

But Jesus is older than Caesar. The word “likeness” or image is in the opening verses of Genesis. “So God created man in his own image.” So some things bear the image of Caesar. Certain other things bear the image of God. Give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s.

Brilliant! Give Caesar coins. Give God your life.

This was illustrated well in a church service in Africa years ago. The plate was passed for the offering. A new and zealous believer was unfazed by the absence of money in her bag. When she received the plate, she put the plate on the floor and then stood in it. Offering made.

She understands the passage well. This is the true meaning of “All in.”


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