Gleanings – We as opposed to you, I, or me

Proper 29, Tuesday

1 Corinthians 3:10-23

“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells in you?”

It is convenient to read “you” as singular, especially in culture that covets individualism and privacy. But Paul grants no such convenience. You is plural as “you yourselves.” It is a bit of royal you (as opposed to royal we), you as in a holy and chosen people, “a” people made royal by “the” Royal.

This terribly important to note in what we call church life. We have a collective witness. We are meant to be on the same page. It is hard to imagine we can be at odds with each other over something as fundamental as the sacredness of life. Our lack of unity here is a horrible witness. This does not mean we easily come together in regard to how this plays out in public life and certainly public policy. But the called out people of God cannot be ambivalent about life and its sacredness. Leaders, show some backbone. Do not let the absence of agreement on policy squelch a proclamation about which we should be solidly united.

This is terribly important to note in what we call church life. We keep lone rangers at bay. The whole is more important than the individual. Controlling people are not meant to control the church regardless of what they give or how much they volunteer. There is no love in insisting on one’s own way. If “less” love is possible, it is in yielding to the one’s own way. Leaders, show some backbone. You will survive the absence of the gift. If you can’t, reassess what you have built.

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