One Man’s Summary of the Mexico Experience

The leader of King’s Kids, Bobby Bullard, put this together even though he has not yet made it back to Atlanta.

Dear Prayer Partners,
We are back in the States. We are very tired and it is hard to really process what just happened to us in this past week! 33 of us set out with three goals that we asked you to pray about: 1. To present the Gospel to as many people as possible and pray for them to receive Christ. 2. To pray for God’s miraculous healing power to be displayed for His glory to draw more people to Himself and 3. To bring a message of God’s healing to the abused children and spouses in our programs. It was revealed to us that in some of the areas we presented our program, that around 75% of the young girls are sexually abused.


GOD HAS ANSWERED YOUR PRAYERS! Many, many people prayed to received Jesus as there Lord and Savior at the programs. We also had many, many testimonies of abused women and children receiving a mighty touch from the Holy Spirit.  We also had many men, many of them broken in tears, coming forward for prayer. We had many who believed God had miraculously healed them. These were the ones that we had translators for. When we have close to 30 of us praying for crowds of people who speak another language, all we can do is say “May I pray for you” and “What is your name” in Spanish, and pray and God knows what their needs are. Many times we would pray in tongues and ask to Holy Spirit in minister to the people. We laid our hands on as many people as we could until everyone received prayer.


I could write for hours and my head is spinning with the incredible honor of being able to be a part of such an amazing move of God. Please pray that we all make it back to Georgia safely. We have a program next Sunday at The Lord’s House in Norcross, so please pray that God will, once again, display His mighty power in our mists.


Oh, by the way, when we were not doing our program, the 33 of us spread out all over the orphanage and worked hard! God says “Let your light so shine before men so they can see your good works and glorify your father in heaven”. The variety and blessing of these jobs are too long to talk about now, but let me just say that our group of 33 ministered by hard, reliable, work that the orphanage needed desperately. FFHM is having teams of surgeons and dentist coming in next week and they were in dramatic need of our help, and the kids came through!


Thank you so much for praying!


Sorry for the typo’s.



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