Gleanings – When Life Brings You to Your Knees

Romans 8:31-39

“. . . nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

One minute your eleven year old son is enjoying the refreshing waters of Lake Lanier as he floats on an inner tube. The next minute he is brain dead having been struck by a jet ski driven by friend. In a flash you are left without hope. The situation gets worse. You are now left with the difficult decision to terminate life, flesh of your flesh. No one could have predicted this. You never expected it. But it has happened.

This is story is both dramatic and true. It took place near Atlanta over the weekend. But all around the country, indeed all around the world, albeit in less spectacular fashion, similar news is being received as you read this. A husband was just diagnosed with cancer. A wife has just announced her desire to divorce. A son has been jailed. A daughter has been raped and is pregnant. The market goes south and seventy years of accumulated wealth is erased, forever.

Worlds are rocked daily. But one thing abides – the love of God. It cannot be killed, divorced, jailed, raped or erased. In the sometimes incomprehensible logic of the Kingdom, when faced with such adversity we are shown to be conquerors. And we are conquerors for one reason alone. Because God is on our side! If God is on our side who has the power to come against us?

God lost His Son in the process of saving us. He knows our pain. And when the fog of tragedy lifts He will be there to help us pick up the pieces even as He waits for us to notice that He has remained at our side throughout.

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  • Happy Kelley Says:

    Something we must remember every minute of every day. Thank you for the reminder

  • JohnD Says:

    Welcome to ancientfuturechurch Happy. So glad you took the plunge and commented. With you I need to be reminded of this truth on a regular basis. Blessings!

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