Gleanings – “Show Me the Money!”

Matthew 22:15-22

“Show me the money.”

This a simple story with a most demanding outcome. Those trying to ensnare Jesus use one of the most reviled subjects in their ruse, taxes. The word itself raises blood pressure. When you add the power of the agency authorized to collect the taxes, it is enough to undo the best and strongest among us.

Jesus says. “Show me the money!” He wants to know who image or likeness is upon the coinage. In this case the likeness upon the money is Caesar. It must be Caesar’s so give it back to him. That must be lawful. That is obvious, right? Easy enough, huh?

Yep, until he adds and give “to God the things that are God’s! Subtly, and therefore masterfully, Jesus ups the ante. If ownership is measure by the image impressed upon something, what belongs to God? Hmm, us? Yep, right again. You and me! Taxes and tithes are always a percentage of the whole. We should count our blessings. Because Jesus is suggesting we, all those created in the image of God, should give ourselves, including our tithes and taxes to God. It is not a percentage of the whole that is being sought but the whole itself. We are to give 100% and nothing less.

Pony up. It is a Jerry McGuire moment.


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