Gleanings – Grace Does Not Impose

1 Timothy 4:1-16

“. . . which God created to be received with thanksgiving by those who believe and know the truth.”

Marriage was created by God. It is good.  Food was created by God. It is good. Having expressed thanks for them, the things created by God are to be enjoyed according to their purpose.

So beware of the person forbidding things or telling you things you must do. Beware of the person bearing law especially to the exclusion of grace.

All this is to say, an act of piety like fasting has no inherent spiritual value. You need not do it. No one should tell you otherwise. However, fasting can be a means of much grace. Entered into voluntarily, it may deepen your identity in and relationship with the one who went hungry for us. As a follower feel free to take it up. And if God nudges you in that direction, dare not say no.

On the other hand, the church and pastors invite one to fast. They do not demand. They do not impose.

The call is to be Christ-like (godliness) not church-like. Followers of Jesus should not readily give up freedom to men that God first bestowed upon them lest they give up some part of the character into which they are being transformed.

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