Gleanings – Uh, no! Thank you but I’ll pass.

Philippians 3:12-21

“Let those of us who are mature be thus minded; and if in anything you are otherwise minded, God will reveal that also to you.”

Reveal to me where I am not thus minded, where I am not mature? Uh, no! Thank you but I’ll pass.

You seem undaunted in the effort. So in what areas are you going to reveal this? Where I live, by my close association with the ways of this world, as enemy of the cross? Gee. Could you choose something a bit lighter and perhaps a little less close to home?

I see the problem now. You are saying my commonwealth is heaven. And I thought I was a citizen of the United States and resident of Georgia. So basically I am an ambassador representing heaven on earth and not representing earth to heaven? You realize that this is probably going require some change in me. Oh you do realize that? The whole endeavor is about changing me, uh?

You know, don’t you, that change is really not an endearing value? I mean even babies with dirty diapers fuss about being changed. The analogy works for humans you say? We are dirty and don’t take kindly to being cleaned? Hmm.

Could we begin again?  Here? “Uh, no! Thank you but I’ll pass.”


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