Gleanings – When NOT to be Subject to Governing Authorities

Romans 13:1-14

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.”

Except when . . .

Civil disobedience is a long-standing biblical and traditional response to tyrannical governments and despots. Daniel would not cease to pray. Peter and John would not cease to proclaim. Governments have a role in restraining the lawless and promoting the right but in no way does Romans 13 suggest we should be subject to ungodly, wicked or simply tyrannical governments.

Not long ago I preached a sermon in which I said that a day was coming when preaching would land this congregation’s preacher in jail. A dear friend was incredulous. Essentially he said, “It cannot happen. Such speech is constitutionally protected.” And so is the free exercise of religion. But nothing prevents, in the near term at least, a branch of government from abandoning constitutional principles. The day has come.

If you are concerned, and in my humble opinion all people of religious conviction should be, about the curbing of religious freedom under this or any other administration, go here for a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and an opportunity to take a stand:

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