Said So Well – I Destroys We

As long as our primary focus is on ourselves, selfishness will divide us.  Selfishness always does.  If we come to church for ourselves, then it is easy to want to order our music and our preaching off of an “a la carte” menu.  The only way a multigenerational church works is if everybody agrees that the mission of the church is outside the church.  It has to be a community decision.

We must be dedicated to the call of Christ, not to the clamor of culture.  After all, what is more important in God’s hierarchy of needs?  It is the authenticity of our worship, which requires simplicity, unity, and community.

And the key to those three is humility.

pp. 63-4, THE PRIVILEGE OF PERSECUTION And Other Things the Global Church Knows That We Don’t, by Dr. Carl A. Moeller & David W. Hegg (Moody Publishers), ISBN 978-0-8024-5417-1


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