Gleanings from the Lectionary (11/29/11) – Truth is Communal

2 Peter 1:12-21

Peter speaks of his impending death and immediately moves to “No prophecy is a matter of one’s own interpretation.” Some don’t believe in prophecy. I do. The notion that spiritual gifts ended with the death of the apostles is not compelling. And are we not in the apostolic age? Are we not an apostolic church or at least intend to be one?

So prophecy has its place in Kingdom life. However, the Kingdom has no room for the lone ranger prophet. The same Spirit that inspires prophecy animates every Christian who can say Jesus is Lord. So prophecy is understood by and interpreted by the community of believers.  Consequently it is not done in isolation by an individual or even a small group (especially those who have convinced themselves they are filled with the Spirit when other faithful and apparently more obedient Christians are not). What hubris! Prophecy is given to the community of faith for the community of faith and by the same Holy Spirit that is knitting together the community of faith. Prophecy is a communal affair. Always! Beware of the prophet who has a word for YOU.

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